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A guide to the treasures of Norwegian jazz by Fiona Talkington 
Dialogue and understanding by Paolo Fresu 
Champagne and jazz music by Jan Granlie

I - The evolution of jazz in Norway from Garbarek to the new millennium
1. George Russell: influence and inspiration
2. Little Oslo
3. Norwegian jazz makes an impact abroad
4. The “ECM generation”
5. Norwegian traditions: marching bands and Church music 37
6. The importance of festivals and commissions
7. Club 7
8. Jan Erik Kongshaug and Sven Persson: the importance of sound
9. The connection between jazz and folk music
10. Music education
11. From Oslo 13 to Jøkleba, via Masqualero
12. Jon Balke
13. The folk roots of Norwegian jazz
14. Nature as an inspiration
15. Conductor Christian Eggen
16. Nu jazz
17. Khmer
18. Club Blå
19. DJs and music in clubs
20. Jaga Jazzist
21. The new independent labels



II - The sound of contemporary jazz in Norway

Much more than “Nordic tone”
Garbarek's legacy
Traditional jazz: the heirs to Bjarne Nerem and Knut Riisnæs
Jon Christensen and the new drumming school
Terje Rypdal's legacy
Arild Andersen's legacy
Female vocalists
Nordic exoticisms
The Hardanger fiddle tradition
The connection with classical music
Different foreign traditions, through the Norwegian lens
Stavanger and the free jazz scene
Jon Hassell's influence
Christian Wallumrød
The Punkt Festival: from remixes to contemporary art music
Towards the future




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